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I Photograph NOUNS:

- People  (bridal portraits, holiday photos, engagements, portraits)

- Places  (houses, landscapes)

- Things  (i don't know what this means, but I am open to photographing unique opportunities)


Things you don't need to know about me, but will learn anyway:

- I'm from Southern California, lived in South Carolina for 7 glorious years, and moved to Austin in 2016.

- I have an irrational fear of blimps

- I have a rational fear of spiders

- Puppies are my favorite thing in the universe

- I have an incredibly amazing husband and the prettiest dog on the planet

- I like food way too much

- I don't like girly things and I like sports, but i ashamedly love MOST of the Real Housewives sagas.

- I get stupid-angry when the microwave beeps to remind me my food is ready (like, a minute after). I

   know. I'm hungry. I will never just "forget" that I heated something up, because I'm hungry!

- I'm bringing fanny-packs back.  Join me in the revolution!


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